Important Updates to Nearpod and Schoology


Nearpod has added a brand new "Collaborate" tool that functions like a Padlet right in Nearpod. Here is a video about how it works, and here's a link to read about it.

This could be a great addition to your classroom as you can bring together class brainstorming or learnings in one quick collaborative space. 


Schoology is about to release (next month) a whole new set of question types for assessments. These new question types will include:

Schoology & Google

Over the summer Schoology will be unveiling their new Google integration which will all teachers to push out copies of Google Apps creations to their students and then the students will be able to submit them back to the teachers for suggested edits, comments, and eventually grading. This will be a major game changer as it will basically do everything that Google Classroom does, right inside Schoology. Check out the promotion video below!

Schoology & Nearpod

If you are a Nearpod user you can now sign into Nearpod and deliver Nearpod lessons right from within Schoology. All you need to do is go to your Schoology homepage and click on Nearpod on the left menu. Then you need to sign in, and that's it! You can access it there via the left menu anytime and shouldn't have to sign in after the first time. 


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