A Classroom Video Production Setup for Less Than $100

Setting The "Stage"

Today's youth have been raised in an environment of perpetual photo-capture. Their lives are carefully documented from the moment that they are born with regular photos and videos on mobile devices, and many of those photos and videos make it onto the web via social media. This constant documentation can yield some negative results such as narcissism, and obsession with image. However, it also presents a powerful opportunity for educators to utilize those mediums to create authentic learning opportunities, for example-in the realm of positive activism. I will be writing soon about authenticity in task, purpose, resource, and audience while using video. First though I wanted to share some ideas of how you could set up your classroom for video production.


Learners with high powered devices with lots of storage space is an incredible asset. Quality devices with editing apps such as iMovie is half of the battle. With Google Drive storage available for additional storage, our students are all set to start capturing, editing, and storing video productions.


Two easy video production areas of your classroom are booths and green screens. I have seen many booth setups, but here are a couple of cheap easy options.

Shower Curtain Ceiling Mount: This will require the involvement of your building maintenance crew and sign off by your admin, but it's a cheap and feasible option!

Refrigerator or Appliance Box: Decorate one and put a little table in it and you'll have a production booth!

Closet/Corner: Don't overthink it. Find a quiet corner and add one of these! A cardboard box and a trip to Michaels will get you going with this! Set it on top of a table and you have a soundproof booth. 


Microphone: You'll want a boom mic. Get a tabletop one for cheap on Amazon (less than $20) with the mindset that you may have to have one in reserve as they are throw aways at this price bracket.

iPad Tripod/holder: You have to be careful here because most of them require students to remove their iPads from their case such as this one.  Another option is to get a tabletop clip that you can use with existing cases.

Headphones: Most kids have them already! The white ones that ship with iPhones can be used as headphones and microphones since they have built in mics for phone conversations.

Green Screen: 2 Cheap options. A green sheet, or paint a green square on the wall (with admin approval). Sheets are cheap. Try this one.

Green Screen App: This one is a bit trickier as each iPad license is a cost. See your site coaches on this one if you're interested in using green screens in your classroom!


The only real barrier to creating video and audio recording spaces is desire. If you want to do it, your coaches will help you make it a reality!  Furthermore, remember this is just video, your coaches would love to meet with you to talk about recording and publishing audio podcasts!


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