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Ignite and Inspire Innovation Conference Opportunities!

Eden Prairie Schools will be hosting some incredible learning opportunities this summer. We are devoted to lifelong learning and this summer will be jam-packed with unique collaborative learning opportunities.

What follows is the promotional information that is going out to all audiences. If you and/or your team are interested in any of these learning experiences and you need more information, please let me know. I am happy to reply to emails, visit your PLCs, or meet your informational needs in whatever ways work for you. Thank you for considering these unique learning opportunities.

Ignite & Inspire Innovation Conference Eden Prairie is the place to be on June 19th & 20th for two epic days of innovation and inspiration! Amplify the 4C’s and 21st century learning with renowned keynote speakers Doug Reeves and Valerie Greenhill. We will collaborate together in breakout sessions, team time, and fireside chats with presenters from across the upper midwest. Come with an innovat…

A Classroom Video Production Setup for Less Than $100

Setting The "Stage"

Today's youth have been raised in an environment of perpetual photo-capture. Their lives are carefully documented from the moment that they are born with regular photos and videos on mobile devices, and many of those photos and videos make it onto the web via social media. This constant documentation can yield some negative results such as narcissism, and obsession with image. However, it also presents a powerful opportunity for educators to utilize those mediums to create authentic learning opportunities, for example-in the realm of positive activism. I will be writing soon about authenticity in task, purpose, resource, and audience while using video. First though I wanted to share some ideas of how you could set up your classroom for video production.


Learners with high powered devices with lots of storage space is an incredible asset. Quality devices with editing apps such as iMovie is half of the battle. With Google Drive storage available …