Tower Gardens Are Making Oak Point Green!

Last year Oak Point teacher wrote and received a FEPS grant, and the OP PTO kicked in money to purchase Tower Gardens to be used in classrooms as a means to teach students botany, and proper nutrition. Lynn Brooks paved the way for us in the fall with several crops of lettuce and other greens and is now working on growing cucumbers and tomatoes. Last week she volunteered to lead an optional PD session for staff on how to fill and maintain the tower gardens in their classrooms. Currently Mr. Trevethan (4th grade), Ms Kevitt (2nd Grade) and Mrs Nilles (2nd grade) have tower gardens and the signup sheet in the copy room is full with teachers who want to sign up to use them this year.

Not only are staff growing vegetables, but they are also hosting salad parties that have been very well received by students. Some students have even commented on how delicious the vegetables are, and that they don't always eat as many as they should but that they will try to eat more now. That is powerful, exciting stuff! Kudos OP staff! Below are some pictures of the Tower Gardens in use.


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