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Summer Learning For All!

This summer, Eden Prairie students will have the option to take home their devices. We are providing inquiry based learning opportunities to prepare students to be college and career ready.

These optional activities are available to all students but are not required. The activities allow students to be creative, engaged at their own pace, and perform for an authentic audience. An Eden Prairie educator will monitor the course.
Access is available to Eden Prairie students only, through the Eden Prairie Schoology account.
Please sign your students up who are taking their devices home for the summer.
To learn more, click here.
Hop on board the Schoology Express!Dates and Location: Thursday, August 3rd (CMS)ORWednesday, August 16th (EPHS)
Time: 8:30-3:30Lunch 11:30-12:30
Oh, the places you can go! Hop aboard the Schoology Express and gain experience by collaborating with colleagues in order to build your capacity as a quality ‘conductor’ of Schoology. Your railway travel iti…

Important Updates to Nearpod and Schoology


Nearpod has added a brand new "Collaborate" tool that functions like a Padlet right in Nearpod. Here is a video about how it works, and here's a link to read about it.

This could be a great addition to your classroom as you can bring together class brainstorming or learnings in one quick collaborative space. 
Schoology is about to release (next month) a whole new set of question types for assessments. These new question types will include: Shared PassageLabel ImageHighlight HotspotHighlight ImageHighlight TextMath Short AnswerNumber LineChart
Schoology & Google
Over the summer Schoology will be unveiling their new Google integration which will all teachers to push out copies of Google Apps creations to their students and then the students will be able to submit them back to the teachers for suggested edits, comments, and eventually grading. This will be a major game changer as it will basically do everything that Google Classroom does, right inside Scho…

3 Steps to Google Plus Adventures For Learners of All Ages!

Google Plus offers a fun and easy way to find unique learning opportunities for your students and yourself, as well as a wonderful place to connect with fellow educators.

All you need to do is make time to bring in engaging content from Google Plus accounts from around the world that fit within your curriculum. This could be as simple as showing videos to your students from the Atlanta Zoo, or connecting with Special Ed educators on the "Next Comes L" Plus Collection. Below are examples of how you might utilize the vast and incredible resources available via Google Plus and Google Plus Communities.

Step 1: Get Google Plus and Sign In

Google Plus is available in the app store on your iPad and via on an internet browser. Download it or visit the site and sign in with your Google account (use the long email at EPS).

Step 2: Take the Tour

All you need to do is make time to bring in engaging content from Google Plus accounts from around the world that fit within your…

3 Classroom Management Strategies to Try Today in 1 to 1 iPad Classrooms

Mobile devices have transformed the K-12 environment in incredible ways. Most of this transformation has been positive; access to resources, uniquely engaging learning opportunities, immediate feedback from assessments, etc., but sometimes the day to day challenges of students with personal devices can be daunting.

The reality is that we live in a world full of distractions and choices. Our learners are growing up in the "Netflix" generation where they can receive their choice of entertainment and engagement opportunities immediately. That will not change regardless of how much me encourage or discourage device usage in our classrooms. The way we really must begin to to think is: do we teach them how to utilize the offerings of internet connected devices to enrich their lives-and prepare them for adulthood and careers of the future, or do we want to close off that access, put our heads in the sand, and hope that someone else will teach them how to navigate the incredibly co…

Ignite and Inspire Innovation Conference Opportunities!

Eden Prairie Schools will be hosting some incredible learning opportunities this summer. We are devoted to lifelong learning and this summer will be jam-packed with unique collaborative learning opportunities.

What follows is the promotional information that is going out to all audiences. If you and/or your team are interested in any of these learning experiences and you need more information, please let me know. I am happy to reply to emails, visit your PLCs, or meet your informational needs in whatever ways work for you. Thank you for considering these unique learning opportunities.

Ignite & Inspire Innovation Conference Eden Prairie is the place to be on June 19th & 20th for two epic days of innovation and inspiration! Amplify the 4C’s and 21st century learning with renowned keynote speakers Doug Reeves and Valerie Greenhill. We will collaborate together in breakout sessions, team time, and fireside chats with presenters from across the upper midwest. Come with an innovat…

A Classroom Video Production Setup for Less Than $100

Setting The "Stage"

Today's youth have been raised in an environment of perpetual photo-capture. Their lives are carefully documented from the moment that they are born with regular photos and videos on mobile devices, and many of those photos and videos make it onto the web via social media. This constant documentation can yield some negative results such as narcissism, and obsession with image. However, it also presents a powerful opportunity for educators to utilize those mediums to create authentic learning opportunities, for example-in the realm of positive activism. I will be writing soon about authenticity in task, purpose, resource, and audience while using video. First though I wanted to share some ideas of how you could set up your classroom for video production.


Learners with high powered devices with lots of storage space is an incredible asset. Quality devices with editing apps such as iMovie is half of the battle. With Google Drive storage available …

Nearpod Collaborate!

Attention Oak Point Nearpod Users:

Nearpod has added an activity that allows students to contribute to Padlet-Like activities within the Nearpod portal. This feature is in BETA mode, but looks very promising! Check out the promo/instructional video here.

Tower Gardens Are Making Oak Point Green!

Last year Oak Point teacher wrote and received a FEPS grant, and the OP PTO kicked in money to purchase Tower Gardens to be used in classrooms as a means to teach students botany, and proper nutrition. Lynn Brooks paved the way for us in the fall with several crops of lettuce and other greens and is now working on growing cucumbers and tomatoes. Last week she volunteered to lead an optional PD session for staff on how to fill and maintain the tower gardens in their classrooms. Currently Mr. Trevethan (4th grade), Ms Kevitt (2nd Grade) and Mrs Nilles (2nd grade) have tower gardens and the signup sheet in the copy room is full with teachers who want to sign up to use them this year.

Not only are staff growing vegetables, but they are also hosting salad parties that have been very well received by students. Some students have even commented on how delicious the vegetables are, and that they don't always eat as many as they should but that they will try to eat more now. That is powerf…

3 Easy Ways to Connect Your Classroom With the World

Setting the Stage

It's usually this time of year in my classroom that I would get bored and get the teacher's equivalent of cabin fever and want to shake something up in order to re-energize. Perhaps you feel the same way, but even if you don't; it's worth your while to see what's possible! With that in mind, I would love to challenge you to consider how you might utilize the wide array of tools and resources available for teachers that allow you to extend your learning space to anywhere in the world, and to connect with professionals, and other classrooms around the world. As with any usage of classroom technology, you must have an instructional goal in mind prior to planning for the usage of technology. So, here's what's possible. There are resources available from multiple providers that allow you to video conference with individuals and/or other classrooms around the world. Several of the resources have very a intuitive workflow and methods for connecti…