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These 3 Apps Can Take You Anywhere!

Time is short, literacy and math are prioritized early and often, yet there are incredibly engaging social studies activities just an app store away! Let's model how easy and engaging interdisciplinary activities can be! Want to innovate and engage with little training for yourself? Try these 3 Google Maps apps asap! Writing prompt ideas, discussion topics, inquiry projects, etc all could be easily generated from these incredible apps. Enjoy!

Google Arts & Culture

Social Studies, and Science Collide with Beautiful Results-This is a Must Have App!!

The Google Arts and Culture app is a new creation by Google and it takes much of it's inspiration and content from the Google Cultural Institute website created by Google several years ago. The idea behind the Institute and now them mobile app is to bring the world's most well known arts & cultural landmarks and locations to the iPad because most people will never have a chance to tour these places in real life.

The app …