Personalized Learning Environments Coaching Cycle Closing

Fall is wrapping up too quickly for me, I love the fall weather. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying some staples of the Minnesota harvest season. 

Current: Personalized Learning Environments

With fall winding down I wanted to remind you that the Personalized Learning Environment coaching cycle is coming to a close. At the opening workshop of the school year the IE team at OP led a workshop around PL environments and we had the opportunity to engage in learning associated with several PL subtopics. Each of you were to chose one of the following to study and then reflect upon/write goals.
  • Contribute to the Development of a Community of Learners 
  • Set Learning Goals, Understand Criteria for Success and Demonstrate Learning
  • Maintain an Attitude of Continuous Learning and Growth Mindset
  • Know How They Learn Best and How to Manage their Time
The reflection process took place on a Google Document with the following naming convention: Last Name, First Name - Self Reflection/AP-PL Environs

Your coach will connect with you on the goals either in person or digitally at some point during the next 2 weeks as the cycle wraps up to ask you about your initial goals. Our hope is that you have had a chance to think about how you can offer more student voice and choice into you classroom environment. Every little bit helps empower our learners to be more active in their own learning, even at an early age. Remember, there are many elements to personalized learning environments, but it's difficult if not impossible to have a fully personalized environment without prioritizing the 3 items at the center of the "honeycomb". Click Here for a larger, interactive honeycomb from CESA 1. Contact your coach if you want more training on the elements of the honeycomb, and how you might implement them in your classroom.


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