November 11th Professional Development Day - CBL - Writing Workshop

During the morning of November 11, 2016 all EC-6 certified staff will engage in learning around Comprehensive Balanced Literacy. Our focus will be on Writing to include learning about on-demand prompts, rubrics and learning progressions for text types. Please register in Keep Certified by searching for Professional Development Day EC-6.  To receive clock hours for this learning you must register prior to the event, clock hours will not be issued after November 11th.

Agenda & Locations:
8:00-11:30 Comprehensive Balanced Literacy focus on Writing
Specialists - ASC - Eagle Development Center
EC/Kindergarten - CR media center
Grade 1 - FH media center
Grade 2 - CR cafeteria
Grade 3 - PV media center
Grade 4 - EL media center
Grade 5 - OP/EHSI media center
Grade 6 - OP 6th grade classroom

**SLD and cross categorical staff, ELL teachers & Interventionists should select a grade level they are aligned with and join them for learning **

Specialists Teachers (World Language, Phy-Ed, DAPE, Band, Orchestra, KEY, Art) - Administrative Services Center - Eagles Development Center
Psychologist, Social Workers, Nurses, Behavior Specialists, OT’s - Lakeside Lab EPHS
DCD Teachers - attend with grade 3 at PV media center

11:30-12:30 Lunch

12:30-4:00 Site Specific Time


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