Let's Get Serious About Using Video to Encourage, Hear, and Amplify Student Voice!

Last week I had the opportunity to go back and present at one of my favorite Summit's in the area; the Midwest Google Summit in WI Dells.

At that summit I presented on encouraging, hearing, and amplifying student voice and I offered a great deal of analog and digital options for doing so. I'd be honored if you checked out my presentation. It's full of resources for you to consider using. The opening slide has a link to a form. If you fill it out, you will get a custom document plan emailed to you that you can use to help you plan out how to incorporate more voice and choice in your classroom.

Student Voice and Choice are crucial components of an equitable, inclusive, engaging classroom. One definition that I really liked (slide 8) was as follows:

In this post, I want to propose 3 ways to use video in you classroom in order to hear student voice. 

Familiar Tool - Schoology - Media Albums

What are Media Albums?

Media albums are a tool in Schoology that allow learners to upload larger video files into a shared space where the teacher and their classmates can view each other's video and photo files. 

How do I utilize Media Albums?

Check out this link and this video.

Unfamiliar Tool (Yet Awesome) - Recap That 

Post a question prompt of big idea and kids respond with video. Classmates can see the posts and react to them. It's that easy and that awesome. There's also a means by which to assess the content and a very easy and user friendly interface. This app is a must add for all iPad classroom teachers at Oak Point. It's just to easy and too empowering to ignore.

What is it? 

Recap is a free student video response and reflection app developed by the makers of Swivl. It gives teachers and parents insight into students’ learning and progress. Recap provides evidence of student thinking, improves formative assessment, and supports personalized learning.

How Do I Get Started? 

Visit https://letsrecap.com/ and set up an account. Sign in with Google in order to make the process much easier. Use your district Google credentials. There is also a VERY user friendly ios app that your students will use to record their videos. Please reach out to me if you want to try using this awesome tool. I'm happy to help you, co-teach with you, etc. Whatever you need!

Unfamiliar Tool - Numbers App - ios 

Eden Lake used Numbers, the ios spreadsheet (so much more than a spreadsheet) app to create visually striking goal sheets and graphs with embedded video of the learner talking about their goals. Check out the video. If this idea interests you (it could be on anything, not just goals; imagine writing journals, lab notes, AVID notes, etc with video embedded), then please contact me and I'll get you the necessary resources; including the Schoology instructions page and I can come to your room and help you implement it!

People are more invested in activities in which they feel valued and when their voices are heard. Let's meet kids where they are, and innovate together!


  1. I would love any resources you're willing to share about using video in Numbers. The goal setting example looks like something with a ton of potential!


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