3 Very Important Resources for Oak Point Teachers

The school year is off and running, and with that fact I have become aware of several challenges that Oak Point teachers are encountering. I want to provide some resources that might help you with said issues.

A Lack of Student Apple IDs

Apple changes their policies and they no longer allow institutions to create student Apple IDs in batches. This presents a problem when you want to innovate on the fly and several of your students don't have Apple IDs. Here is one potential solution: Send home this letter and have them either create an Apple ID with their parents, or have them sign the blank to allow us to create them for their child. This will get us innovating quicker. 

Get More Parents on Schoology

Communicating with our stakeholders in a consistent, effective way is crucial. If you want more parents to read your Schoology updates, and for them to be able to access your course information and coursework, then you need to get them into Schoology. The challenge for may parents is that they don't have the time to log into Campus to get the parent access code and then log into Schoology and enter that code. So, let's take that step away and help them out. 

Step A: Get all of your students into your Schoology course. The easiest way to do that is by adding them manually. 

1. Access your Course
2. Click on the Members tab on the left side
3. Click add Members and enter in each child's last name one at a time to enroll them all. 

Step B: Access the parent access codes for your students only. 

4. Click on the "Parent Access Codes" to download a spreadsheet of student account info including parent access codes. 

Step C: Fill out this letter for each of your students and send it home with the access code from the spreadsheet (not the access code for your course-that number will not work). 

When parents are "in" your course you will see their names under your students names in the member area of your course. 

Pro Tip: Utilize the updates page in your course to send out newsletters and communications. When parents set up an account it defaults to them receiving an email every time you send out an update from your course. 

Enriching and Enhancing District Created Digital Citizenship Content

Digital citizenship is not "something extra". Our students lives ARE digital lives. How they experience the world is often synonymous with how they experience it digitally, not something separate. So why do we all too often treat DC as just "another thing" that has to be taught? 

In the grade level resource collections on Schoology you can find a great deal of digital citizenship resources that you can use in your classroom, AND you can utilize me (Cory). I'd be happy to come co-teach some DC lessons, and I have some "tricks up my sleeve" to enhance/improve upon what is in the current lessons. Let me know and I'd be happy to help out in any way! 


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