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The Incredibly Flexible, and Usable Nearpod

What Is Nearpod?

I get really excited when I speak about my favorite digital tools. One of my favorite things to do is try out new tools and then evaluate them based upon solid pedagogical criteria; student engagement, enhancement of learning, measurement of learning, and ease of use for students and staff.

One consistent app that meets those criteria and more is Nearpod. Nearpod is a highly engaging lesson delivery tool that is part presentation tool, part formative assessment tool, and part interactive content delivery tool.

Why Should I Use It?

With Nearpod; student engagement will improve, and your ability to gather realtime data to inform and guide instruction will increase. Those two outcomes are priceless in and of themselves, but what is perhaps most exciting is Nearpod's ability to democratize your classroom. You will now be able to hear from all of your students equally, and in a safe space where they will quickly learn that what they share is safe-for the teacher's e…