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These 3 Apps Can Take You Anywhere!

Time is short, literacy and math are prioritized early and often, yet there are incredibly engaging social studies activities just an app store away! Let's model how easy and engaging interdisciplinary activities can be! Want to innovate and engage with little training for yourself? Try these 3 Google Maps apps asap! Writing prompt ideas, discussion topics, inquiry projects, etc all could be easily generated from these incredible apps. Enjoy!

Google Arts & Culture

Social Studies, and Science Collide with Beautiful Results-This is a Must Have App!!

The Google Arts and Culture app is a new creation by Google and it takes much of it's inspiration and content from the Google Cultural Institute website created by Google several years ago. The idea behind the Institute and now them mobile app is to bring the world's most well known arts & cultural landmarks and locations to the iPad because most people will never have a chance to tour these places in real life.

The app …

Let's Get Serious About Using Video to Encourage, Hear, and Amplify Student Voice!

Last week I had the opportunity to go back and present at one of my favorite Summit's in the area; the Midwest Google Summit in WI Dells.

At that summit I presented on encouraging, hearing, and amplifying student voice and I offered a great deal of analog and digital options for doing so. I'd be honored if you checked out my presentation. It's full of resources for you to consider using. The opening slide has a link to a form. If you fill it out, you will get a custom document plan emailed to you that you can use to help you plan out how to incorporate more voice and choice in your classroom.

Student Voice and Choice are crucial components of an equitable, inclusive, engaging classroom. One definition that I really liked (slide 8) was as follows:

In this post, I want to propose 3 ways to use video in you classroom in order to hear student voice. 
Familiar Tool - Schoology - Media Albums
What are Media Albums?
Media albums are a tool in Schoology that allow learners to upload…

3 Very Important Resources for Oak Point Teachers

The school year is off and running, and with that fact I have become aware of several challenges that Oak Point teachers are encountering. I want to provide some resources that might help you with said issues.

A Lack of Student Apple IDs
Apple changes their policies and they no longer allow institutions to create student Apple IDs in batches. This presents a problem when you want to innovate on the fly and several of your students don't have Apple IDs. Here is one potential solution: Send home this letter and have them either create an Apple ID with their parents, or have them sign the blank to allow us to create them for their child. This will get us innovating quicker. 
Get More Parents on Schoology
Communicating with our stakeholders in a consistent, effective way is crucial. If you want more parents to read your Schoology updates, and for them to be able to access your course information and coursework, then you need to get them into Schoology. The challenge for may parents is t…

November 11th Professional Development Day - CBL - Writing Workshop

During the morning of November 11, 2016 all EC-6 certified staff will engage in learning around Comprehensive Balanced Literacy. Our focus will be on Writing to include learning about on-demand prompts, rubrics and learning progressions for text types. Please register in Keep Certified by searching for Professional Development Day EC-6.  To receive clock hours for this learning you must register prior to the event, clock hours will not be issued after November 11th.
Agenda & Locations: 8:00-11:30 Comprehensive Balanced Literacy focus on Writing Specialists - ASC - Eagle Development Center EC/Kindergarten - CR media center Grade 1 - FH media center Grade 2 - CR cafeteria Grade 3 - PV media center Grade 4 - EL media center Grade 5 - OP/EHSI media center Grade 6 - OP 6th grade classroom
**SLD and cross categorical staff, ELL teachers & Interventionists should select a grade level they are aligned with and join them for learning **
Specialists Teachers (World Language, Phy-Ed, DAPE, Band, Orc…

Personalized Learning Environments Coaching Cycle Closing

Fall is wrapping up too quickly for me, I love the fall weather. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying some staples of the Minnesota harvest season. 

Current: Personalized Learning Environments

With fall winding down I wanted to remind you that the Personalized Learning Environment coaching cycle is coming to a close. At the opening workshop of the school year the IE team at OP led a workshop around PL environments and we had the opportunity to engage in learning associated with several PL subtopics. Each of you were to chose one of the following to study and then reflect upon/write goals.
Contribute to the Development of a Community of Learners Set Learning Goals, Understand Criteria for Success and Demonstrate Learning Maintain an Attitude of Continuous Learning and Growth MindsetKnow How They Learn Best and How to Manage their TimeThe reflection process took place on a Google Document with the following naming convention: Last Name, First Name - Self Reflection/AP-PL Environs


The Incredibly Flexible, and Usable Nearpod

What Is Nearpod?

I get really excited when I speak about my favorite digital tools. One of my favorite things to do is try out new tools and then evaluate them based upon solid pedagogical criteria; student engagement, enhancement of learning, measurement of learning, and ease of use for students and staff.

One consistent app that meets those criteria and more is Nearpod. Nearpod is a highly engaging lesson delivery tool that is part presentation tool, part formative assessment tool, and part interactive content delivery tool.

Why Should I Use It?

With Nearpod; student engagement will improve, and your ability to gather realtime data to inform and guide instruction will increase. Those two outcomes are priceless in and of themselves, but what is perhaps most exciting is Nearpod's ability to democratize your classroom. You will now be able to hear from all of your students equally, and in a safe space where they will quickly learn that what they share is safe-for the teacher's e…

Who Am I, What Do I Do, and How Can I Help You?

Being new is not easy, but neither is getting comfortable with a new support person who pops in and out of your classroom and roams mysteriously around the halls in search of people with whom to discuss innovation, instruction, the Green Bay Packers, politics, and various other topics of the day.

My name is Cory Klinge (the E is silent) and I am a new Instructional Excellence Coordinator at Eden Prairie Schools. I am a very happy family man. I have a wonderful wife named Kim who is an 8th grade teacher in Apple Valley, and 2 wonderful children named Thomas (8) and Grace (4.5), and an aging yet wise pooch named Pepper.  Most of our family pictures are of the #epicfail variety.

My interests include sports, politics, fitness, tech, movies, TV, brew varieties, and much more. I enjoy social time and quiet time, and my family is my heart.

I taught secondary education for 12 years and I have served as a tech integrationist and instructional coach for the past 3+ years. In my heart I am still…